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Highly Sensitive Person Issues: Detaching from Narcissistic People.

Are you tired of being hurt by selfish people who misuse and abuse your good-hearted nature? Are you the one always giving, but never receiving anything but hurtful behaviour in return? You might have been wounded by a narcissist and need to learn to protect yourself from their emotional games.

A narcissist is a self-absorbed individual who believes they are superior to other people. In their world, they are always right and they’re only concerned about meeting their own needs.

Narcissists are attracted to my INFJ personality, the spiritual gift of mercy and highly sensitive nature.

I have noticed a trend in my life. The narcissistic people would be attracted to me because they see me as someone they can control. They knew I will never challenge them because I am mister nice guy. I was their punching bag and they spoke to me as if I was garbage. I always felt sorry for them; because their lives were a mess I wanted to clean up.

Do not waste your empathy on a Narcissist.

I noticed nobody liked them and felt compassion for them, sadly, my misguided attempts to fix them, turned into a living hell. I had to listen to other people complaining about their bad behaviour. I had to play peacemaker and extinguish possible fires. I had to comfort and encourage those wounded by the narcissist. I had to listen to the narcissists complaining and yelling because other people disagreed or disobeyed them. My opinion was irrelevant and I always felt invisible. My world revolved around their emotional state. I was tired of doing this and then God showed me the truth-I am a codependent, searching for narcissists to rescue.

And at last, I see the light. It is like the fog has lifted.

Learning about narcissism and codependency made me realise the truth-I cannot fix them. I am not God. It is their responsibility to work on their own personal and spiritual growth. I cannot rescue or heal them. I cannot change their perspective of me or the world. The best thing I could do is refer them to counsellors and detach from them. I had to do grief work because I had to accept they do not care about me. I lost many friends and family members due to my decision to stop being their counsellor and advisor. I am no longer involved in their battles and problems. It is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.


I hope you find the courage to break free from narcissistic abuse. Please pray about it, speak to a counsellor, buy books, join support groups or watch youtube webinars on this topic.

Please feel add a comment below. I would love to read about your experiences.

See you soon readers.



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