The Highly Sensitive and anxious person’s guide to enjoying the MEGA Church Service.

Have you recently visited a mega church and were blown away by the technology, glamour, beauty or famous preacher? Everything is more advanced, the atmosphere smells like fresh flowers, the preacher’s face is magnified on the ginormous big screens, the tithing envelopes are a work of art and the television cameras are all over the place recording service for the live telecast on youtube. The beautiful environment is wonderful until hundreds of people are entering church leaving you to feel uncomfortable. Your throat becomes dry, you want water, but the trip to the bathroom increases your heart rate, worried everyone’s eyes are on you. Imagine a hundred people watching you as you walk by. It is the end of the service and you are squashed in the crowd. Imagine having to squeeze through the door, bumping into strangers, worried they will speak to you because small talk is not your cup of tea. Welcome to the world of Highly Sensitive Christians.

I understand how you feel my brother or sister in Christ. I joined a mega level church and was in love with the beauty, organization, quality of preacher and technology. Sadly, the mega level church, made my anxiety reach mega level overload, making me worry about going to church. I decided enough was enough. I cannot allow my sensitivity to ruin my times at church. I developed a little action plan. I know it will help you quiet down the inner storm.

Here are 5 things I have done to help me survive and enjoy megachurch service.

1) Find the right seating place.

Finding the right seating can eliminate 80% of your anxiety and allow you to receive the word of God without stressing about hypersensitivity. The best seating in my opinion is…

In the last rows at the back and on the side of the church.

Sitting in the last row or rows means nobody is watching you.

Hallelujah, you can relax my brother.

You’re watching them (We love observing people) and HSP’s prefer watching than being watched. If you want to go to the bathroom, you can go freely. No social anxiety stress.

Another reason for choosing the back row is avoiding the traffic on your way home. When the service is completed, you will be one of the first few out of the door and to your car, avoiding traffic and the struggle to drive out of the complex.

If loud sound bothers you; sitting in the back will be beneficial. In most churches, the back rows will receive softer sound and it is perfect for HSC’s.

We tend to cry and cry during worship. People might think we’re crazy, emotional, over the top, but it is natural for us. When you’re at the back, nobody will watch you worship, so do not worry anymore, lift up your hands and flow in the spirit, my brother or sister. Let those emotions of love for God overwhelm you.

The only negatives of sitting on the side are latecomers and the ants in the pants believers, the ones always getting up and walking around the church. You will become used to them in the long run.

How do you ensure you find the proper seating?

Never come late! You will be forced to squeeze in between strangers. Their small talk will bore you and you will be uncomfortable throughout the service. Arrive 15 minutes before church begins. No more awkward small talk with strangers in church.
During special occasions at church, arrive 1 hour earlier. I know this sounds crazy. When a special speaker, a famous one visits, your church will be filled with more visitors than usual. More people will flock to church on Easter, Christmas, etc. It is important to arrive way earlier. I would take a book along to read or write poetry to pass the time. I notice some introverts are googling or listening to music. Some even pass the time by playing candy crush. It is a smart idea because they’re not focusing on the large crowd gathering in the church.

2) Get hugged by someone you know.

Getting a hug from a brother or sister will comfort and make you feel better. I suggest finding people you know in church and have a short chat to eliminate your anxiety. It is important to make friends in the megachurch, otherwise, you will be a number, a forgotten face, nobody even knows to exist.

3) Praying before Service.

In a megachurch, people probably will not be praying before a service begins. Usually, the big screen is running, Adverts or music is pumping through the surround system. Before the service begins, shut out the world, lower your head and begin to pray. Ask the Lord to help you through the service. He cares about your worries and your anxiety is something He is concerned about. Praying will relax you and prepare you to receive the word. A great idea is to wake up half an hour earlier to pray about your worries and anxiety.

4) Share your emotions with a loved one or your Leaders.

Do not hide your sensitivity. I know you worried people will shame you. I understand your concern, my friend. I was shamed many times, by non-sensitive people and leaders giving me irrelevant advice that was from a place of ignorance. I would share my concerns with leaders I knew were more empathetic and genuinely cared about me. They understood and supported me.

Testimony Time
My mother and I sat in the third row, in the centre of the church. I was extremely uncomfortable. The thought of turning around and looking into the faces of hundreds of people gave me major anxiety. I remember having to close my eyes and breathe in slowly to calm my nerves. I tried my best to focus on the word of God but was always struggling to settle down. I told my mother about how I felt and she understood. We moved to the corner of the church and I sat on the edge with the wall to the right and my mother to left. After this, I could enjoy the word of God and worship without worrying about environmental stimuli.

5) Practice positive self-talk

When in a state of anxiety in church, I would close my eyes and tell myself everything was fine. I also memorized the following scriptures to heart.

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Psalm 55:2)
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Whenever my sensitivity went overdrive, I quoted these in my mind, while breathing deeply and exhaling slowly.

” Do not be anxious about the large crowd, Lord please give me peace.”

What if you experience an anxiety moment due to sensory overload?

You need fresh air. Get out of the church and stand outside. I know pastors will reinforce the respect for the word of God, but if you are in distress, please get up. I walked out a few times because I was suffocating and my throat was dry. My Pastor looked at me as if I was doing something wrong, but in the end, my health is more important. I remember a brother asking whether I was alright. He prayed for me and I felt better. Listen to your body. If you need to stand outside, please go!

If you’re not able to stand outside, practice the following.
– Write your concerns in your journal.
– Doodle in your journal
– Drink water and take deep breaths.
– Take notes from the preacher-word for word.
– Ask a leader to pray with you in the prayer room.

Being a highly sensitive Christian is nothing to be ashamed of. My brother or sister, you are blessed with this wonderful trait from the Father. He gave you this trait to help other people; therefore it is imperative you learn how to handle your sensitivity. You are awesome! You are blessed with every spiritual blessing.

If you cannot endure the large church groups, it will be better to join a much smaller church. Please pray about it before making any decision.

Please share your tips to surviving a church service by commenting below.

God bless.


Free Christian Stage Play Scripts.

Are you looking for free printable stage play scripts for your next church production? You have come to the right place my brother/sister in Christ. Please browse through this selection of bible drama scripts and download for use within your church. Feel free to share these…. but please don’t use these resources to earn income for yourself.

Easter Play: The story of Jesus Christ.

This free Easter Script can be used in a small ministry set up and I know will be a blessing to the church.  I hope you will share your pictures if you intend to use this play for your next Easter production.

Christmas Play: The greatest gift.

Christmas time is the favourite time of year for many believers. It is the time to be merry and joyful because we’re celebrating the ’’ birthday’’ of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Christmas Stage Plays have been performed by many drama groups and I have acted in many. Today I will share another stage play I have acted in many years ago. I hope you enjoy performing in this nativity play as much as I have.

Thou shalt not gossip, a bible 1o minute play.

Gossip is a serious problem in church groups. Even though the Bible warns us not to speak ill of others, spread false reports and to keep a tight rein on our tongues, believers cannot resist the urge to discuss another brother or sister. This problem is illustrated in this short 10-minute play.
This stage play is loosely based on a true story which I have personally witnessed many years ago. The short plays tell the story of an intercessor witnessing something between two people. She assumes certain things and spreads the rumour to the rest of the intercessors. Will forgiveness reign or will bitterness win the hearts of believers in this stage play?

How do you use 10 minutes plays at church?

A ten-minute play is a very short play which tells the complete story of an event that occurred. It is a great tool to illustrate biblical truths in a real, raw, comedic or emotional way. This play should be used before a word is preached on the topic of Gossiping. At the end of the evening, believers will realize the danger of spreading false rumours and discussing people.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these bible stage plays. I will be adding a new stage plays to this page, therefore, please click the follow button to receive notifications of future updates.

May God bless your performances and may you have a wonderful drama evening at your church.

6 steps to enjoying a powerful Christmas Morning devotion.

The tradition of Christmas gifts started over 2000 years ago! The wise men brought our Lord: myrrh, frankincense and gold. I imagined myself being a wise-man, bowing before the King and laying down a beautifully wrapped gift with a huge red bow at his feet. Inside of my box is a million hugs, words of praise and thanks and beautiful poetry declaring my adoration to him. What will you place inside your gift box for God this Christmas?

Each Christmas morning before breakfast, I would prepare my gift box for Christ, aka my morning devotion.

Here are a few tips for an amazing time in His presence this Christmas morning.

1. Enter His court with thanksgiving and enter His court with a Christmas hymn.

Choose your favourite Christmas hymns and close your eyes. Imagine you were in heaven, Jesus standing before you. Sing from the depth of your heart. My favourite Christmas hymns are Oh Holy Night, Joy to the World, The First Noel and a few others.

2. Read the bible story about his birth in Matthew 1&2 and Luke 1&2.

Reading the story of Jesus Christ’s birth will be a reminder of the great love Jesus Christ has for the world. After reading these chapters, meditate on His word and receive His blessing.

3. Thank Him for what he has done for you.

4. Read a poem declaring your love for Jesus Christ.

5. Quiet your heart and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord will speak to you. Listen to His quiet small voice showering you with His love.

6. Prayer

Interceding for others on this Christmas is a beautiful gesture. For some, Christmas day is a day of sadness for various reasons. Interceding for the lost is also a good idea.

May you have a wonderful time with the Lord on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019 my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Bible Quiz on Abraham and Isaac.

Father Abraham had many sons and many sons had father Abraham. This song has been sung for generations at Sunday schools throughout the world. The story of Father Abraham is one of the most famous stories in the bible. Today, let’s test your knowledge about the life of Father Abraham and his son, Isaac. Here we go. Today’s quiz is simple and only have 1 question.

How many of the following questions are true? Example. 8 questions are true.

1 Abraham was from the Land of Ur and travelled to Haran at God spoke to him.

2 Abraham’s first wife was named Sarai and his second wife’s name was Hagar.

3 Abraham was an extremely wealthy because he had silver and gold and an abundance of livestock.

4 The first altar Abraham built for God was in his Egypt.

5 Abraham’s wife cried and worshipped God when she heard she was going to become a mother.

6 God made a covenant with Abraham and asked him to prepare, a 5-year-old heifer, a 3-year-old he-goat, a 2-year-old ram and a young dove for the covenant ceremony.

7 God had visited Abraham in the form of a smoking oven and flaming torch.

8 At the age of 99, Abram changed his name to Abraham, meaning, Father of many nations.

9 Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born.

10. God tested Abraham and asked him to offer his son Isaac on the Mount of Olives.

11. God provided a ram for an offer in the place of Isaac, thus Abraham called the place, the Lord will provide.

12. Abraham died at the age of 200 years old.

Please download this pdf version for use in a cell group or youth as an icebreaker.

Next Month, I will share another interesting Bible Quiz.
Have an amazing day. See you soon.

Forgive Yourself for being morbidly obese.

Is there something in your life that you cannot forgive yourself for? You’ve made one mistake; thus you disqualify yourself from having a relationship with God. Maybe you believe He cannot forgive you for emotional eating and will reject you. Do not believe this lie!

I understand how you might feel. I was morbidly obese since forever and never believed I was good enough to be God’s son. I disqualified myself and in the process lost out on having a relationship with God. I went to church Sunday upon Sunday, but my failure to accept my identity in Christ meant that I was not receiving the word in my heart.

One beautiful morning, the glory of God broke through my defences and removed my shame. I finally forgave myself for letting myself go. I forgave myself for allowing myself get to 400 pounds. I forgave myself for refusing to deal with my emotions and for burying my pain in a plate of mac and cheese.

After that moment, I stopped living like an orphan and started living like the royal prince I am. The hardness around my heart began melting away and a major transformation had occurred.

This is a long process though, becoming 400 pounds took many years. There are days the old me comes forth and I entertain him for a while, however, these emotional episodes disappears quickly. Keep me in prayer family and I promise to pray for you.

My brother or sister, my prayer is that you begin to accept who you are in Christ. You are forgiven of your sins. All you have to do is to confess them and God will wash them away forever. He went to the cross to have a relationship with you for all eternity. He stays the same. His love cannot change. No matter what you have done. His love remains constant.
My friend, forgive yourself. Ask Jesus to remove your guilt or shame and to replace it with His peace and love. May God fill your heart with His love.

Meditation Scripture
1. If I confess my sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive my sins and purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

Further reading.
1 John 2:1-2
Colossians 1:13-14
Ephesians 1:7-8

You have Sciatica!

’You have sciatica and must get tested for possible underlying back problems,’’ Doctor X said. It was not what I wanted to hear.

At first, I was depressed about this. The whole sciatica episode began playing games on my mind. I began living in fear because I refused to live through another painful flare up.

Sciatica can be defined as the irritation of the nerve beginning at the roots of your spinal cord (lower back area) extending through the buttock areas and down your leg.

I had my first sciatica attack while teaching my Grade 8’s. I felt a snap in my back and severe pain. I could not straighten my back and had to lie down on the floor.

I had 3 similar attacks due to my fitness routine. My doctor told me to stop doing exercises that will worsen my condition. Bye bye bent over rows and High Interval Training.

I must admit, this little hurdle became a roadblock and I am still working through it. I have stopped exercising for months.

I am currently learning about living with lower back issues. In the future, I will share what I have learned from the professionals. Please keep me in prayer friends.

Please look after your spine friends.

See you soon.